Existing Problems

Auction Security

Security is critical in any process. But in trade, it has become more critical than ever. Most companies and individuals have already shifted to online auctions. But still, the website and platforms used are not that secure. They can be easily hacked. Any security breach can cause loss of user's private data and many other essential things.

Trust Issues

Despite being such a large market, many trust issues are yet to be solved. Even in online auctions, third-party involvement causes trust issues. There is no guarantee of fairness as long as third parties are involved in the auction process. Third parties can manipulate the auction, the user data can be breached, and the trade can cease to occur.

Bid Authentication Issues

In an online auction, there is much evidence regarding the manipulation of bidding. Many online auctions have shown such protocol working in the backend that place dummy bids to increase the competition. This type of protocol cause trouble for the buyers to place legit bids.

Payment Issues

Users usually face delay and issues in payment which will not be on our platform, The Platform is built with advanced feature on blockchainn technology, payment will be proceeded fastly and will be secured . User will not have payment related issues on our platform.