Trust in trading is very important. To build trust, one has to keep information that is shared with him. Data is knowledge. HotBitDeal solves trust issues by empowering multiple participants to manage a network. Users do not have to trust a central authority, and protocols are designed to prevent bad behavior. By providing details of bidding against the auctions, trust can be enlisted within the process and provide a stable relationship based on transparency rather than negotiation.


Centralized auction platforms hold large amounts of funds from investors, making them a prime target for hackers. With the increasing trading volume of cryptocurrencies, centralized platforms are becoming attractive to hackers. Decentralized platforms like HotBitDeal are becoming user- friendly and familiar, simultaneously providing better security for investors.


Hacking is not the only issue with centralized platforms; in such environments, users do not have complete control over their funds, but the decentralized platform does. This can impose many constraints and even financial losses on investors. Here are your funds, your information; everything is yours. There can be no freezes or locks put on what is yours.


Decentralized platforms are not under any central control; therefore, there are often no registration requirements for using the platform My Favorite, no need to accept cookies, sign up for membership, etc. Our time is valuable. We all hate standing in a line at a retail store where the cashier must accept everyone if they have a membership and if they do not, would they like to sign up for one. If they happen to say yes, the process begins, and you are standing there for what seems like forever.