How does this work?

Bid Placement

After submitting the bids, the user will receive an instant notice page with the bid details, unique Bid ID, and real-time status. An Individual can place maximum numbers of 10 bids per auction on HotBitDeal auction platform.

Common Currency

The HBD is a crypto token based on blockchain technology. This token is available for everyone to buy. The HBD token is required for the auction. We have launched our ICO token, named HBD, for bidding. Thus, it is significant.

Lowest & Unique Bid

This bidding approach is based on the amount set by the investors as the minimum basis; it should be lower than the other bidding figures. The Term Unique Bidding refers to a style of bidding in which no recurrent number or bid is used. That figure should not be the same as someone else's figure.

Win & Loss

If you are the auction winner, you will receive notifications in bell icon on navigation panel. Whole history of winning and loosing will be displayed on bell icon from where winner can claim for their rewards. Here you need to mention your wallet address and select currency in which winner participated in auction and submit your claim request.

Closing of Bid

The auction automatically ends when the predetermined closing day, date, and hour are reached
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