HotBitDeal auction platform works on the basis of the lowest and unique bid which means the winner will be chosen by the platform on this algorithm, and with that concept, HotBitDeal becomes one of a kind platform on blockchain technology. Apart from that, we can assist you with tips and techniques, which will skill your bidding abilities and thinking.
Cryptocurrencies and crypto platforms are solving the modern world problems more efficiently than any other existing technology. The use of Blockchain and smart contract can solve the issues in auction and bidding.
HotBitDeal will be the world's first crypto bidding platform, with the winner determined by a basic and unique bid algorithm. HotBitDeal is an innovative platform of auction and bidding based on the smart contract for cryptocurrency. HotBitDeal is set up in such a way that it assists users and investors in bidding. This platform will provide you with all bidding and auction information; this platform runs on blockchain technology.
Our website is designed in such a manner to help users and investors bidding. One platform will give you all details related to bidding and auction; this platform has been developed on blockchain followed by smart contract. We work as a broker between investors and auctions, and that is known as bidding.
The company has its HBD Token to participate in auctions, and win prizes. Because we appreciate our investors' time, the auction will only be open for a short period. Individual can place maximum numbers of 10 bids per auction. because everyone is equal in the corporation's eyes.
HBD provides functionality 1% auto adding liquidity per transaction.
Last modified 6mo ago